Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Oakville

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Central Oakville Dental Care offers dental services in Oakville for children, teens, and adults. Our caring and professional dental team also realize that not everyone is comfortable visiting the dentist, which is why we offer Nitrous Oxide sedation to help make your visit as stress-free as possible.  

What is Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

At Central Oakville Dental Care, we offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation, also known as Laughing Gas. This is a mild type of sedation that is very effective for patients with mild to moderate anxiety. This type of sedation reduces anxiety and relaxes you, however, you are fully conscious. Before getting any type of sedation dentistry, you will have a detailed examination and discussion with your Oakville dentist about your health history and your sedation requirements and options. Once your dentist has the information they need, they will make recommendations specific to your needs. If your situation requires deeper sedation, we will refer you to a local specialist who will undertake the procedure (s) and you can then return back to us at Central Oakville Dental Care for your regular care. 

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Why might your dentist recommend sedation dentistry?

Many patients can benefit from Nitrous Oxide Sedation. This includes children as well as teens and adults. It may be a great option for those with: 

  • Fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist.  

  • A very sensitive gag reflex.

  • Fear of needles.

  • Extreme teeth sensitivity

  • Decreased sensitivity to local anesthesia (freezing) 

  • Difficulty sitting still 

 Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry in Oakville

Benefits of Nitrous Oxide Sedation

The main benefit of sedation dentistry is that it eases fear and anxiety so you can feel calmer and more relaxed during dental appointments.  

Some people experience so much dental anxiety that they may be prone to skipping appointments or avoiding dental appointments altogether which can negatively impact their dental health. With Nitrous Oxide sedation, many are comfortable enough to get the care they need.  

Is Nitrous Oxide sedation dentistry safe?

When administered by a licensed healthcare provider, Nitrous Oxide sedation is typically very safe and can be administered to most adults and children. 

Details about the Nitrous Oxide sedation procedure

For Nitrous Oxide Sedation, your dentist will tell you not to eat or drink anything for the two hours prior to your appointment. Unless your dentist says otherwise, you should continue taking any prescribed medications. For other types of sedation, please follow the instructions given to you by your specialist. The Dentist will first check your blood pressure and then fit a mask that delivers the gas. Once you feel that you are relaxed we can start dental treatment and can communicate with you throughout the appointment to make sure you are comfortable. After we have done the dental procedure, we will go through all the instructions and the great thing about Nitrous Oxide Sedation is that you are free to go about your day as usual afterwards!

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If you suffer from anxiety when going to the dentist or if you would simply like a way to be more comfortable during dental procedures, ask us about Nitrous Oxide sedation. Call to make an appointment with us at Central Oakville Dental Care. 

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Bethany Durigon

Great new practice! Very clean space with very kind and attentive staff. I will definitely continue going here for all my dental needs.

Kelsey Russell

Dr. Hathiari has great bedside manner, and is very personable! I have had many bad experiences with dentists and because of that I can be quite nervous. But he was very thorough and made me feel comfortable! I will be happily switching dentists, and bringing the rest of my family in!


Brand new practice, very clean with excellent staff. I will be back!

Rashida Musaji

Wow,I can’t believe I am saying this but I actually would like to get my teeth checked twice a year, and I have never had this feeling like I had it today,I enjoyed being at the dentist…..and I love cleaning my teeth 🙂 Dr Hathiari is an excellent dentist, he is very fun, and very caring…….you don’t get that these days, he takes his time and is very thorough with his work…

Joel Abraham

Amazing experience, all new equipment , Dr Zubair and staff are very welcoming and friendly, and they work directly with most insurance companies. definitely recommend Central Oakville Dental Care

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