Dental Fillings in Oakville

Dental Fillings

Central Oakville Dental Care provides a full range of dental services to adults, teens, and children in Oakville. Dental fillings are a common procedure for treating tooth decay and preventing its spread. 

What is a dental filling?

A filling is used to repair a small hole or cavity in the tooth. When getting a dental filling in Oakville, your dentist will remove the decayed part of the tooth and then replace it with a filling material.  

Dental Fillings in Oakville

Why might your dentist recommend a filling?

A filling is needed when the patient has a cavity, a broken tooth or a replacement of a failing existing filling. Whenever we consume sugar, especially added sugar, bacteria in the mouth turn the sugar into acid and the whole mouth becomes acidic. If this process occurs too frequently, over time a small hole (or cavity) can form in the tooth. When cavities are not treated, the decay can spread deeper to the pulp and cause infection or even lead to the loss of the tooth.  

A dental filling is therefore both a restorative and a preventative treatment.

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Types of dental fillings

There are three main types of fillings that your Oakville dentist is likely to use:  

  • Composite fillings – these fillings are made from plastic and resin and their colour can be matched to the colour of your natural tooth. At Central Oakville Dental Care, we mainly do composite fillings due to their natural appearance and ability to bond to the tooth structure.

  • Silver (Amalgam) fillings – These are rarely used in certain clinical situations where we are unable to place a composite filling. 

The dental filling procedure 

Your Oakville dentist will examine your mouth to determine the extent of the decay (this will likely involve taking an X-ray and sometimes using an Intra-Oral camera to see the area even more clearly) 

To ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the procedure, your dentist will first use a numbing gel on the gum, and will then numb the area surrounding the affected tooth using a local anesthetic. When the area becomes numb, your dentist will use a dental drill and hand instruments to carefully remove the decay. Once the tooth has been cleaned, your dentist will seal the area with glue before building the tooth back with filling material. 

Lastly, your dentist will clean the area, ensure that your bite is correct and make sure the tooth is smoothly finished and polished. 

Healing after a filling

Most of the time, patients heal very quickly after getting a dental filling however they may occasionally feel some sensitivity for a few days to weeks afterwards. Sensitivity can be reduced by avoiding chewing on the side with the filling for a few days, brushing and flossing more gently, avoiding hot and cold food and drinks and application of sensitive toothpaste on the tooth itself twice daily until the sensitivity subsides.  

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Bethany Durigon

Great new practice! Very clean space with very kind and attentive staff. I will definitely continue going here for all my dental needs.

Kelsey Russell

Dr. Hathiari has great bedside manner, and is very personable! I have had many bad experiences with dentists and because of that I can be quite nervous. But he was very thorough and made me feel comfortable! I will be happily switching dentists, and bringing the rest of my family in!


Brand new practice, very clean with excellent staff. I will be back!

Rashida Musaji

Wow,I can’t believe I am saying this but I actually would like to get my teeth checked twice a year, and I have never had this feeling like I had it today,I enjoyed being at the dentist…..and I love cleaning my teeth 🙂 Dr Hathiari is an excellent dentist, he is very fun, and very caring…….you don’t get that these days, he takes his time and is very thorough with his work…

Joel Abraham

Amazing experience, all new equipment , Dr Zubair and staff are very welcoming and friendly, and they work directly with most insurance companies. definitely recommend Central Oakville Dental Care

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