Dr. Zubair Hathiari

Dr Zubair Hathiari is a resident of Oakville and a proud husband and father of two energetic boys.

Dr. Hathiari earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from The University of Birmingham, England, in 2001. As someone who is always wanting to learn and be at the forefront of his industry and field, Dr. Hathiari has obtained further post-graduate qualifications in the UK. Dr Hathiari is a member in good standing with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

Dr. Hathiari is certified in Invisalign treatments and has experience in a multitude of dental treatments through the years.

Dr. Hathiari has a calm, caring and empathetic approach. He works to have each of his patients 100% comfortable before even considering a dental procedure. He has over two decades of experience and works to understand what is best for his patients. It’s not about quick-fix solutions but working with each of his patients on an individual curated plan to maintain their teeth in the best possible condition.

When not working towards providing the best dental patient care possible, Dr. Hathiari spends his time with family and friends, reading, going on nature trails, or travelling and exploring different parts of the world when time permits.